Product Introduction

Light rail is the weight less than or equal to 30kg per meter.The quality requirement of light rail is lower than heavy rail. So we only require to test the chemical component,the strength of extension, the hardness and the drop weight experiment.The light rail used in China has 8kg/m、9kg/m、12kg/m、15kg/m、18kg/m、22kg/m、24kg/m、30kg/m,etc.

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Detailed Parameters

Light rail Size(mm) Rail Height(mm) Bottom width(mm) Head width(mm) Waist thinckness(mm) Weight(kg/m) Material Length (M/PC)
8kg 65 54 25 7.0 8.42 Q235 6-12
9kg 63.5 63.5 32.1 5.9 8.94 Q235 6-12
12kg 69.85 69.85 38.1 7.54 12.2 Q235/55Q 6-12
15kg 79.37 79.37 42.86 8.33 15.2 Q235/55Q 6-12
18kg 90 90 40 10.0 18.06 Q235/55Q 6-12
22kg 93.66 93.66 50.80 10.72 22.30 Q235/55Q 6-12
24kg 107 92 51 10.9 24.46 Q235/55Q 6-12
30kg 107.95 107.95 60.33 12.30 30.10 Q235/55Q 6-12

Main Application:

The light rail is mainly used for the laying of temporary transportation lines and light locomotive lines for forest areas, mining areas, factories and construction sites.

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Henan Zongxiang Heavy Industry Import & Export Co., Ltd, established by experienced crew on the rail & track field, is a professional & reliable supplier that provides all kinds of rail & track accessories. As an international trade subsidiary of Zhongxiang Steel Group Inc., was founded in 1997. We have more than two decades experience on this field, covering an area of 33,000 square meters, with about 300 employees, 4 production lines, 2 R & D department, and 5 quality control staff. With advanced technology, powerful processing capacity and excellent service, our products have been well recognized by our customers from domestic & overseas market.
Henan Zongxiang Heavy Industry under the leading of Zhongxiang Steel Group, we keep pace with the times and work with you sincerely to create a brighter future.

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