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Rail Plate Requirements

Edit:Zongxiang Heavy Industry--Ethan Date:2022-05-16 16:37:34

The distance between the center of the double track in the parking lot is not less than 1200mm. The track wood at the turnout installation site should be considered as the center distance of 400mm, and the long wooden track wood should be used at the tip of the turnout and the pointed rail. The connection of the two rail rails must use special-shaped clamps. The track shall be laid with a gauge of 600mm, the deviation of the straight section shall not be greater than 10mm, and the gauge of the curved section shall not be greater than 620mm.

The curve radius of the up and down slope changing points should not be less than 9m. The track platen track adopts 22kg/m. The upper opening of the fully mechanized mining cutting hole and the inner track of the cutting hole are laid with wooden sleepers. Standard of wooden sleepers: Section: width not less than 140mm, thickness not less than 120mm, length not less than 1200mm, the road fork adopts standard road fork. The road wood is 2400mm long. Cement sleepers are used elsewhere. Type I railway clips, scope of application: track pressure plate railway clips I type are suitable for standard gauge railway lines and curves, with a radius of not less than 300m, connecting 60kg/m rails and prestressed concrete sleepers on the line.

The composition and main technical requirements of the SFC type fastener of the track pressure plate:

1)     Fastener composition, ? sFC fasteners are divided into two types: in-line and staggered. Track pressure plate fasteners are composed of railway elastic strips, insulating caps, cast iron base plates, insulating gauge blocks, rubber pads, anchoring screws, shell gaskets, serrated gaskets, coupling pads and embedded bushings. Height adjustment required, also includes a height adjustment pad located between the cast iron base plate and the coupling pad. ?The railway clips are divided into three types: Fcl504, Fcl502 and Fcl306. Fcl504 type railway clips (diameter 15mm, equipped with 8494 type insulating caps) are installed in general sections; FCl502 railway clips (15mm diameter, no insulation caps are installed) at the splint; FCl306 railway clips are installed on the low-resistance track pressure plate fasteners Spring bar (13mm in diameter, equipped with 12133 type insulating cap).

(2) Main technical requirements: The embedded casing should have a certain amount of protective grease.