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Manual Railroad Switch
Manual Railroad Switch
Customized according to you requirements.

Product Description: 
The manual railroad switch is suitable for the construction of small railways in mines, forest farms, ports and other places. It is a tool for maintenance and repair of railway line sleeper plate sections. It is a tool to achieve mechanization of road maintenance operations and reduce labor intensity.

Product Features:

1. The length of the handle can be extended and retracted by 290MM. When the switch resistance of the switch is not large, the length of the handle can be shortened, otherwise, the length of the handle can be extended;

2. In order to reduce the moving stroke of the handle, the handle can be rotated 180 degrees, which is convenient for manual operation;

3. The above-mentioned expansion and rotation are realized by lifting two springs on the handle sleeve, and then adjusted and then dropped in to achieve;

4. In order to overcome the pulling resistance, the ball head slider structure is designed in the handle head, and the structure is flexible to pull;

5. The right-angle turning center spindle is equipped with rolling bearings, which improves the service life and accuracy of the product;

6. The bushes with self-lubricating properties are installed between the rotating shaft holes;

7. The connection between the tie rod and the turnout uses a fine-tuning device. After installation, it can be used to adjust the opening and closeness of the turnout without removing the connecting pin;

Product Technical Parameters:

1. Applicable turnout opening ≤120;

2. Applicable switch resistance of switch ≤1960N (200KG);

3. The maximum linear displacement of the tie rod is 209;

4. The center distance between the two sleepers at the installation is 650, and the distance between the center line of the tie bar and the cross at the tip is 350;

5. When installed in the middle of the railway double-track line, the handle can be adjusted from the center line of both lines ≥ 2250.

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