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KWPY Hydraulic Rail Bending Machine
KWPY Hydraulic Rail Bending Machine
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Hydraulic Rail Bending Machine is a special tool for rail bending during railway track installation and maintenance.

Hydraulic Rail Bending Machine is a commonly used instrument for laying and maintaining railroads. Hydraulic Rail Bender can bend straight rails on demand and can straighten rails. According to the principle of work, rail bending machine can be divided into mechanical and hydraulic type. Advantage of mechanical rail bender is to straighten bend or bend railway track to sharp-angled at one time.

Model Application Rail Max Bending Force Rated Bending Force Piston Stoke Weight Max Bending Moment Piston Stroke Cylinder Diameter Quality
kg/m KN KN mm kg KN.m mm mm kg
KWPY-600 50 549 500 70 60 88 70 70 100
KWPY-400 30 410 350 70 27
KWPY-300 Below 24 294 270 70 25

Single Hook

Double Hook

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