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Q235 Light Steel Rail And Reference Price For Railway Track
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Product Description

Information about rail


As an essential component of railway track structure, steel rail is applied to guide train wheels move forward. The function of rail is to withstand the enormous pressure of the wheel, and pass it to the sleepers. Steel rail must provide continuous, smooth rolling surface of least resistance to train wheel. Modern rail take many years to improve the quality of materials, for example, material of steel rail is changed into steel from iron. Steel rail is typically made into I-beam, and it is made of high-quality steel alloy. The strength of rails and other track parts is important for train to keep faster and safety.


Types of rail

According to different ways like weight, standard, tensile strength, steel rail can be divided into several types. Take national standard as an example, we can classify Steel rail into the following types.


Chinese standard steel rail

By the weight per meter, Chinese standard steel rail can be classified into three types, such as heavy rail, light rail and crane rail. When the weight per meter of steel rail is equal to or less than 30kg, it is called light rail. On the contrary, heavy rail is refer to the weight per meter of rail is more than 30kg.

Drawing & Object

More other drawings, pls contact us.

1. The drawing of 8KG rail.


2. The drawing of 9 KG rail. 

3. The drawing of 12KG rail.


4. The drawing of 15KG rail.

5. The drawing of 18KG rail.

6. The drawing of 22KG rail.

7.The drawing of 24KG rail.

8.The drawing of 30KG rail.

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Henan Zongxiang Heavy Industry Import & Export Co., Ltd, established by experienced crew on the rail & track field, is a professional & reliable supplier that provides all kinds of rail & track accessories. 

As an international trade subsidiary of Zhongxiang Steel Group Inc,. was found 1997. We have more than two decades experience on this field, covering an area of 33,000 square meters, with about 300 employees, 4 production lines, 2 R & D department, and 5 quality control staffs. With advanced technology, powerful processing capacity and excellent service,our products have been well recognized by our customers from domestic and overseas market.



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