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18KG Light Rail
18KG Light Rail
Type: 18kg rail
Material: Q235/55Q
Weight: 18.06KG/M
Length: 6-12m
Standard: YB222-63
Product Parameters:

Standard GB11264-89
Model DIMENSION Weight Material Length
A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) t(mm) (KG/M) (M/PC)
GB 6KG 25.4 50.8 50.8 4.76 5.98 Q235 6-12
GB 9KG 32.1 63.5 63.5 5.9 8.94 Q235 6-12
GB 12KG 38.1 69.85 69.85 7.54 12.2 Q235/55Q 6-12
GB 15KG 42.86 79.37 79.37 8.33 15.2 Q235/55Q 6-12
GB 22KG 50.8 93.66 93.66 10.72 22.3 Q235/55Q 6-12
GB 30KG 60.33 107.95 107.95 12.3 30.1 Q235/55Q 6-12
Standard YB222-63
Model DIMENSION Weight Material Length
A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) t(mm) (KG/M) (m/PC)
YB 8KG 25 65 54 7 8.42 Q235 6-12
YB 18KG 40 90 80 10 18.06 Q235/55Q 6-12
YB 24KG 51 107 92 10.9 24.46 Q235/55Q 6-12

Light Rail Knowledge:

Light rail is the weight less than or equal to 30kg per meter. The quality requirement of light rail is lower than heavy rail. 18kg rail consists of rail head, rail waist and rail bottom. The material of 18kg rail is Q235/55Q. The length of 18kg is 6-12m/pc. The weight of 18kg is 18.06kg/m.18kg rail is mainly oriented and load bearing, it is used with the track wheel, to support the weight.18kg rail changes the direction of the cart.

Main Application:

The 18kg rail is mainly used for the laying of temporary transportation lines and light locomotive lines for forest areas, mining areas, factories and construction sites. 18kg rail is used for laying temporary transport and light locomotive. As a leading railway fasteners manufacturers in China,We have more than 20 years experience .We have many customers  purchases 18kg rail. our company offer you the best products with competitive pricei if you need 15kg rail. If you are interested in our products or have any questions. Please contact us or leave a message,our company offer you the best products with competitive price if you need 18kg rail.  
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