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QU70 Crane Rail
QU70 Crane Rail
Type: qu70 rail
Material: U71Mn
Weight: 52.8KG/M
Length: 12m
Standard: YB/T5055-93
QU70 Rail

We supply and export QU70 Rail with high quality and competitive prices. Qu70 rail is one of crane rails.If you need any qu70 rail,please contact us.
Application: Big project, Gantry crane, Wharf, etc.
Safe load: 50 tons

Qu70 rail Parameters
type weight (kg/m) material length (m)
QU70 rail
rail height (mm) bottom width (mm) head width (mm) web thickness (mm)
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Crane Rail's Model:QU70 rail,QU80 rail,QU100 rail,QU120 rail,

QU70 Rail is use for for crane and trolley track. Compared with the railway's heavy rail, crane rail height is low and head width thick waist size is bigger.Crane rail is on heavy rail in our country for the quality inspection is only required to chemical composition and tensile strength.

Due to the production batch, the specific model is different, the above of pictures are for reference only, for further details you can contact our sales staff to carry out the specific verification .

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