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A100 Rail
A100 Rail
Type: A100 Rail
Material: 700/900A/1100
Weight: 74.3kg/m
Length: 10-12m
Standard: DIN536-1-1991
Product Descriptions:
Steel rail, also called rail track, steel track, is the main component of railway track. Its function is to guide the wheels of the locomotive, bear the great pressure of the wheel, and keep the stability of railway transportation. The rail must provide continuous, smooth and minimum rolling surfaces for the wheels. In electrified railway or automatic block section, rail can also be used as an orbital circuit.
A100 Rail Parameters
Rail Type Weight(Kg/m) Material Length(m)
A100 74.3 700/900A/1100  10-12
Head Width(mm) Bottom Width(mm) Rail Height(mm) Web Thickness
100 200 95 60

Other Sizes of Crane Rail
Size Head Width(mm) Bottom Width(mm) Rail Height(mm) Web Thickness(mm) Weight(Kg/m) Material Length(m)
A45 45 125 55 24 22.1 700/900A/1100  10-12
A55 55 150 65 31 31.8 700/900A/1100  10-12
A65 65 175 75 38 43.1 700/900A/1100  10-12
A75 75 200 85 45 56.2 700/900A/1100  10-12
A120 120 220 105 72 100 700/900A/1100  10-12
A150 150 220 150 80 150.3 700/900A/1100  10-12

We supply and export a100 rail with high quality and competitive prices. A100 rail is one of heavy rail.A100 rail consists of  rail head, rail waist and rail bottom.

Our a100 rail offer greater efficiencies through their ability to handle higher axle loads with low deformation, with high strength and good weldability and high fracture resistance.        

As a professional rail products manufacturer in China, we can provide high-quality a100 rails with various sizes as listed above to meet your special requirements.

ZongXiang is an professional company that provide light rail, heavy rail, crane rail and rail accessories. We have establish more than 20years, we provide professional service in a100 rail, if you have any question about a100 rail, you can contact us,if you need a100 rail,please choose us.
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