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How to Reduce the Damage of Heavy Rail Smoothly
Edit:Zongxiang Heavy Industry--zongxiang - editor Date:2018-06-01 09:42:05

The presence of heavy rail is now very popular on the market of steel products, is our company all the year round to provide market production of important products, if there is damage of heavy rail production process, we need to effectively reduce.

The most effective method for heavy rail nuclear damage is controlled cooling of steel material to avoid small cracks in the heavy rail caused by hydrogen escaping, and to eliminate the fatigue source of nuclear damage fundamentally.Despite all precautionary measures, new heavy rail nuclear injuries cannot be absolutely avoided.In order to ensure the safety of driving, it is necessary to carry out regular heavy rail inspection so as to eliminate the hidden danger in time and avoid the occurrence of major traffic accidents.

When used as the standard control measure, special alloy heavy rail with high wear resistance can be applied to the side of curved heavy rail or to the small radius curve.

The main measures to reduce the wear of heavy curved rail are to improve the design of locomotive and vehicle bogie so as to improve the interaction conditions between wheel and rail and reduce the friction between them.

It is necessary to check the heavy track frequently and take measures to eliminate the hidden dangers at any time.

Above is the main damage of heavy rail to reduce skills, hope to be able to help more customer more in-depth understanding of heavy rail, in order to promote the use of more customers friend effect, to ensure the support to help enterprises to promote the efficiency of production.

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