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How to Use the Rail Plate Correctly?
Edit:Zongxiang Heavy Industry--Carina Date:2018-06-05 14:50:25

The use of adjustable combined rail pressure plate can overcome the failure of traditional rail compression plate in use, and the traditional pressure plate is often directly with rail steel in the use of steel compression rail. After installation, there is no guarantee that the pressure plate has reliable contact with the track, and some pressure plates cannot be adjusted horizontally after installation, so that after normal load or heat expansion and cooling contraction, the track will easily wear and tear, resulting in the loosening of the plate bolts. When the pressure plate rotates, the track surface is worn and gnawed, and when the rail is broken seriously, the wear of the main engine wheel and the damage of the driving mechanism are also affected.

However, the track can be fixed in the horizontal direction and the position of the track can be adjusted horizontally when the adjustable composite track pressure plate is adopted. For example, the QU80 plate allows the lateral adjustment of the track spacing to be 15mm. For example, the QU120 plate allows lateral adjustment of 20 mm spacing to the track. It has the function of self-locking, which can fix the track reliably and prevent the deviation of the track when it is subjected to large wheel pressure. The elastic force is used to fix the track in the vertical direction. That is, on the rail head hot rubber pressure tongue, tongue pressure wear-resistant, oil-resistant, high-temperature, corrosion-resistant synthetic rubber.

The rubber composite pad is laid on the bottom of the rail and the track is prepressed so as to prevent the local rail lifting force from occurring in the motion of large wheel compression resulting in the loosening of bolts and affecting the damage of various devices. It can also allow the track to move longitudinally without wear and tear when the track is heated and cold and keep the bottom surface of the track in close contact with the rubber composite pad laid on the track.

In order to ensure that the crane can run smoothly as well as possible, nowadays it is often used to lay welding track, that is, the whole segment of the crane track is welded into one, and there are no segmented joints in the middle, and this type of installation requires higher requirements. And there is a large amount of heat expansion and contraction. The detachable composite track pressure plate is especially suitable for this kind of track fixation, and the unfavorable factors caused by welding track can be well eliminated.

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