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How to Solve The Joint Disease of Crane Rail Smoothly
Edit:Zongxiang Heavy Industry--Gerry Date:2018-06-07 16:54:10

Along with the advance of social economic development, the existence of various steel products for you to provide the perfect life, production support, is one of the important steel products, reliable recognition of crane rail is a typical and popular rail products, basic of crane rail joint disease treatment method, simple hope you understand.

Crane rail irregularity of the joint is the main cause of disease, the cause of crane rail irregularity of crane rail joint bolt torque low or after falling for failing to tighten, hard to bend or crane rail end will increase on the structure of crane rail joint is not smooth.

The elasticity of lifting rail joints is different from that of continuous long lifting rails, and the greater flexibility of lifting rail joints will accelerate the development of irregularity.

Lifting rail maintenance methods should not be properly also cause joint disease development.

Company will continue to innovation and development of crane rail production technology, and fundamentally improve the use of crane rail performance, in addition, more in-depth knowledge of crane rail details, you are welcome to call consulting company.

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