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Under The High Pressure Of Environmental Protection, Today's Market Is As Follow!
Edit:Zongxiang Heavy Industry-- Date:2017-10-12 17:16:56

Under the high pressure of environmental protection, today's market is as follow:

First day

Customer: Your price is so high!


The next day

Customer: Keep some goods for me!

I: Sorry, the price increases again!

Customer: Drop it!

Third Day

Customer: Can it be cheaper?

Me: Sorry, it's rising again!

Customer: rising again? Then forget it!

One weeks later

Customer: Place an order! I'll make it right now! Make a payment now!!

I: Sorry, factory stopped, the goods are sold out! You have money, but we don't have goods.

The factory in Guangdong shut down! Fujian shut down! Zhejiang discontinued! Shandong is out of production! The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei comprehensive shutdown! The whole national is strict to environmental protection, in order to cooperate with the Government, three certificate complete also must suspend production!!! At last, there is era that u have money, but we don't have goods. 

Zinc in Roar, aluminum in the bark, carton in the smile, steel in the jump, plastic in the croak, accessories in the roaring, freight is also on the float, furniture raw materials cost of high fever, environmental protection also come to join the fun, the rise of all the price has been amazing!

Hello everybody, don't ask if you can get a discount, you should be concerned about wether we have stock.

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