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Rack Type Track Jack
Rack Type Track Jack

Rack Type Track Jack Introduction

Track Jack is used to lift the track on the railway.

Mechanical track jack is the simplest & sturdiest types of the jacks and widely used in Oil Fields, Railway Track Work,Ship Yards, Mining Operation, Construction &Heavy Duty Industrial Maintenance & Establishments.

These Track jacks can be used to lifting both on down and up strocks. They also can be lowered tooth by tooth, and also can be made to tripped off by just moving the trip control.

The track jack has simple structure,easily to use safe and reliable. It can be used with many same jacks.It is a good tool used widely in many lifting fields.
Rack Type Track Jack Specification:

Model Lifting Capacity on Head Lifting Capacity on Toe Lifting Height Head Height Toe Height
QD5 5T 2.5T 160mm 345mm 43mm
QD10 10T 5T 180mm 410mm 45mm
QD15 15T 7.5T 280mm 580mm 60mm
QD20 20T 10T 350mm 680mm 75mm

1.     Lifting - track jack should be smoothly completed, with a length of 1.5 meters of steel steel rod inserted into the handle hole and up and down reciprocating throw to ascend a height it is needed.Rack Type Track Jack Instruction

2.     Slow down, turn slowly drop control handle up to braking position will lever up and down throw, every reciprocating or one tooth at a time.

3.      Drops - pull lever, using leverage vertical impact downhill baseboard end surface, can again down to the starting position.

4.     The sliding parts often lubrication, finding the parts damaged change in time.

Rack Type Track Jack Application

Rack type track jack is mainly used for railway track laying and maintenance, such as bridge erection work is widely used for lifting and supporting the installation of various weights, and equipment. It is suitable for railway rails and auxiliary, and bridge is installed, and vehicles, equipment, weight lifting.
Rack type track jack working principle

It is one type of manual lifting tools, compact structure, reasonable use of the rocker swing jaw moves up and down with the fixed jaw joint cooperation, promoting the rack up or down, lifting objects along lift.

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