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38KG Heavy Rail
38KG Heavy Rail
Type: 38kg rail
Material: 50Mn/U71Mn
Weight:  38.733KG/M
Length: 12.5-25m
Standard: GB2585-2007 Heavy rail
Product Parameters:

Standard GB2585-2007
Model DIMENSION Weight Material Length
A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) t(mm) (KG/M) (M/PC)
GB 38KG 68 134 114 13 38.733 50Mn/U71Mn 12.5-25
GB 43KG 70 140 114 14.5 44.653 50Mn/U71Mn 12.5-25
GB 50KG 70 152 132 15.5 51.514 50Mn/U71Mn 12.5-25
GB 60KG 73 176 150 16.5 60.64 50Mn/U71Mn 12.5-25

We supply and export 38KG Rail with high quality and competitive prices.38kg rail is one of heavy rails.38kg rail consists of rail head, rail waist and rail bottom. If you have any problems or want to know about 38kg rail,just contact us.If you need 38kg rail,please leave a message.
Application: Overhead special crane, Power plant, etc. Safe Load: 10-20 tons
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