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Peruvian Customers Order a Batch of Railway Turnout
Edit:Zongxiang Heavy Industry--Lucas Date:2019-12-13 10:35:23

Peruvian client Domingo left us a message on our Twitter and inquiry us some questions about the railroad switch.

Customers want to purchase a batch of railway turnout from China for railway repair, and our company Zongxiang is a railroad switch supplier in china. After told the railway size they are using to our customer service, Peruvian customers expressed their willingness to enter into long-term cooperation with our company as long as the price is appropriate. We are very grateful to Domingo for his trust in us.

Turnout is a kind of line connecting equipment that enables rolling stock to transfer from one track to another track. It is usually laid in large quantities at stations and marshalling yards. With the turnout, the passing capacity of the line can be brought into full play. Even for single-track railways, split trains can be realized by laying turnouts. Turnouts play an important role in railway lines. railroad switch supplier

Common lines are connected with various types of single turnout and compound turnout. The crossing has vertical crossing and rhombus crossing. The combination of connection and crossing includes crossing points and crossing lines, etc.

Zongxiang Steel Group was established in 1997 to mainly sell steel rail and rail fasteners, we are a railroad switch supplier in china. Rail series include light rail, heavy rail, heavy rail, etc. There are also ASTM Rail, DIN Rail, EN Rail, BS Rail, JIS Rail and other rails. For more than 20 years, our company has devoted itself to the sales and processing of steel rails, and has strictly controlled the quality. After the products are put on the market, they have won favorable comments from customers.

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