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Indian Customers Purchased Batch of 50kg Heavy Rail Again
Edit:Zongxiang Heavy Industry--Lucas Date:2019-12-23 09:47:49

Yesterday, Zongxiang Steel Group (steel rail manufacturers in china) delivered a batch of 50kg heavy rail orders to our Indian customer Rowan. To ensure Rowan can use these rails in time, we delivered the goods as quickly as possible.

Rowan is a frequent customer of Zongxiang Steel Group. Last time he purchased a batch of 18kg light rail from our company, he was satisfied with our rail products after receiving the goods.  The 50kg steel rail purchased by the customer this time is mainly used for the subway lines under construction, so the purchasing requirements are relatively strict and the requirements for the steel rail manufacturers are relatively high. steel rail manufacturers in china.

Ensuring high efficiency and high quality of products has always been Zongxiang Steel Group's principle of making products, which is also the reason why customers purchase many times.

Zongxiang Steel Group (steel rail manufacturers in china) has extremely strict requirements for steel rails. Each steel rail must have a quality inspection certificate, which is checked at every level and strives to do every level for customers. Rowan has maintained a good cooperative relationship with our company for a long time, and has highly recognized our products. Rowan has successively purchased light rail, heavy rail, fishplate, railway turnout and other rail fasteners.  Our company will continue to work hard to keep in mind that "quality is the life of an enterprise" and win the satisfaction of our customers with better products and better services in future development.

We have more than two decades experience on this field. With advanced technology, strong processing capability and excellent service, Our products have been widely recognized by customers at home and abroad. If you need information about our company's steel rail products, please contact us through the following methods or leave us a message on the website.