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MK2 Rail Pads
MK2 Rail Pads
Customized according to your requirements.

General Characteristics:

MK2.0 pads have been specially designed for the discontinuous soft mounting of rail on concrete using chairs and rail fixing clips.

MK2.0 pads:

• eliminate the load concentrations at the edge of the chairplate :

- their chamfered edges reduce the stress concentrations;

- pressures under the chair are reduced;

- the concrete is protected from cracking.

• reduce rail and chair wear :

- absorb uneven surfaces;

- improve contact between rail and chair.

• are manufactured in thermoplastic elastomer and feature lugs to prevent longitudinal slippage.

• are specially resistant to wear, shear, crushing, oils, greases, ozone and oxygen, as well as ultra-violet rays.

Material Characteristics:

• Composition : EVA copolymer.

• Shore hardness : 95 A (DIN 53505).

• Tensile strength : 12.5 N/mm2 minimum (DIN 53455).

• Elongation : 250 % minimum (DIN 53455).

• Working stress in compression : - up to 50°C : 20 N/mm2.

- up to 70°C : 15 N/mm2.

• Service temperature : from -25°C up to +75°C.

For other temperatures, please consult us.
Designation and Dimensions:

Lb : dimension of the chair in the rail axis. Standard lengths are : 110, 160 or 220 mm.

L1 : reduced width, always 5 to 8 mm less than the rail foot width (F).

Ex. : for mounting a GX42 rail (foot width : F = 131.8 mm) on 160 mm-long chairs :

MK2.0 - 160B x 125.
Application for small size rails:
For small size rails, when fastened with clips type 21/020 or 51/015, MK2.0-type pad - thickness 4 mm, instead of 7 mm - must be used.

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