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MK6.1 Rail Pads
MK6.1 Rail Pads


MK6.1 pads:

• are manufactured as a vulcanized synthetic elastomer strip, reinforced with a steel strip.

The upper face is grooved.

• reduce the wear of the rail and its support:

- distribute the wheel load over a larger surface area.

- eliminate the load concentrations and the resulting fatigue stresses.

- absorb the uneven surfaces;

- improve the contact between rail and support.

• are suitable for all normal environmental conditions.

• are designed for service temperatures from –13°F up to 212°F. Gantrex selects the rubber depending on the customer’s application. Please

contact Gantrex to specify your operating temperature.

• reduce noise and vibration : noise : typical reduction of 10 % in dbA levels.

vibrations : typical reduction of 48 %.

• Synthetic elastomer reinforced with a galvanized steel strip.
Designation and dimensions:

Available Pads:

Model Weight Model Weight
RFS-77 0.59
RFS-85 0.64
RFS-100 0.74
RFS-105 0.83
RFS-115 0.88
RFS-120 0.92
RFS-125 0.99
RFS-130 1.07
RFS-140 1.14
RFS-150 1.19
RBS-155 1.2
RBS-165 1.27
RBS-175 1.32
RBS-180 1.37
RBS-190 1.45
RBS-200 1.59
RFS-220 1.68 RBS-220 1.68
• MK6.1 pads are supplied in standard lengths of 12 m (39’), with tolerance of ± 50 mm (2”).

Special lengths can be provided : please consult us.

• For particular applications (namely circular tracks), very small lengths can be supplied, designed according to the track characteristics. Their

ends could then be skew or “V” cut, or rounded… according to the application : please consult us.

• For specific cut lenghts, please allow ± 5 mm (3/16”) tolerance on lengths.

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