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An Enquiry for the QU120 Rail
Edit:Zongxiang Heavy Industry--Gerry Date:2018-08-07 10:15:53

With the increasing proportion of China's manufacturing in international trade, the steel products produced and operated by the company have been exported to various parts of the world. The company's production and operation of the national standard rail  by the high quality and competitive price advantage, deeply foreign customer‘s favor. Among them, crane rails are more popular with foreign customers, especially QU120 rail.

Today, there is an enquiry about the QU120 rail. This inquiry came from an Indian customer who searched the company's official website at Google and browsed the product page. The customer company has sent an inquiry by email, which requires 40 tons of QU120 rails and a complete fishtail plate. It requires CIF quotation. After the company's foreign trade personnel saw this email, they contacted the customer actively and made an offer for the QU120 rail. At present, the two sides are maintaining good email exchanges, and it still needs more efforts from foreign trade personnel.

The company now operates all types of national standards rail and other national standards rail, as well as rail accessories, fishtail plate and road nails. Our products are exported to South America, Europe and Africa all year round. Moreover, the company has its own processing plant which can be customized according to the customer's drawings. At the same time, the company has a strong partner to better serve customers to meet the needs of customers.

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