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The steady development of the track is the focus of society
Edit:Zongxiang Heavy Industry--Ethan Date:2019-01-29 14:02:05

With the continuous development of the social economy, the development of steel products is also expected, therefore, the emergence of the track provides support for the enrichment of production needs and the quality of daily life, and the development of the track today, I gave you a brief summary.

In order to make the locomotive vehicle pass smoothly and safely, it is necessary to ensure that the track is flat and can carry the weight above, this requires us to pay attention to the selection of materials during production, pay attention to the processing method. Under the power of train operation, its various components must have sufficient strength and stability to ensure that the train runs safely, smoothly and without interruption according to the specified maximum speed. The railway accessories industry maintains a relatively high level of development, the localization of the rotor is one of the trends of railway accessories, the railway accessories have high strength, good toughness and excellent fatigue resistance and wear resistance.

It can be seen that the so-called track-stationary stability is actually to ensure the existence of equipment mechanical stability, to understand the other aspects of the track and knowledge, welcome customers and friends to call the company to understand.

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